Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas and Activities for the Little Ones

Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas and Activities for the Little Ones

Thanksgiving is a time of togetherness with your family, eating and enjoying each other’s company and being thankful for what you already have.

Naturally, the focus of your Thanksgiving decoration should be the table where everyone gathers to eat together. So, an impressive centerpiece and place settings are a good place to start out with your decorating.

Traditionally Thanksgiving decorations incorporate natural materials such as leaves, seedpods, nuts, berries, and other seasonal foliage. This means it’s easy to create impressive decorations on a very small budget.

Kids also love being involved so get them to help out with the decorating – remember the most important part is to enjoy spending time with and having fun with your family and this is a great opportunity to do so.

Bake a Cornucopia Centerpiece

A cornucopia or horn of plenty is a traditional Thanksgiving centerpiece. Traditionally a horn made of wicker and filled with seasonal fruit and vegetables, the cornucopia represents abundance.

You can create a fun twist on the traditional cornucopia by baking a bread version so the whole centerpiece can be eaten, as well as the goodies inside.

If you’re busy cooking all your other Thanksgiving dishes and don’t want the hassle of baking bread from scratch, you can use readymade refrigerated bread stick dough to create your centerpiece within minutes.

Simply mold a cone shape out of aluminum foil, spray with non-stick cooking spray, and wrap the breadstick dough around the foil. Even very small children will have fun helping out with this and seeing their creation transform into a golden baked cornucopia in the oven. You can find more detailed instructions and get some extra tips on this Thanksgiving project here.

Easy Thankfulness Wreath

It’s important that children understand the meaning behind the holiday from a young age, so creating a “thankfulness” wreath is a fun project you can do together that will also help to get them thinking about everything they have to be grateful for.

Start with a foam wreath that you can buy in any craft supplies shop, such as Hobby Lobby. Wrap it in strips of fabric in fall colors.

You then need to create paper leaves to decorate your wreath. Cut basic leaf shapes out of cardstock in red, orange, green, and brown colors. If your kids are old enough, cutting out shapes is a great activity for building fine motor skills. They can then use a gold pen or paint to color in the end of each leaf.

On each leaf write something to be thankful for. This might be names of people in your family or concepts such as “health” or “friendship”. Ask your kids to come up with their own ideas.

Use gold pins to pin each leaf to the wreath. You could also add some real leaves, acorns, or other natural elements if you wish.

See the full instructions for this family craft project.

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